A simple,
quick and easy
colon cancer
screening option.

Our colorectal cancer screening test is specifically intended for those individuals who are unwilling or unable to participate in screening with current recommended fecal-based tests and invasive imaging procedures.

BeScreened™ is affordable.

BeScreened™ is the most affordable colon cancer screening test on the market with a national cash price average of under $400.


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BeScreened™ is accurate.

BeScreened™ is 94% accurate at determining the likely presence or absence of colorectal cancer – even in the early stages.


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BeScreened™ is actionable.

Screening is NOW. BeScreened provides answers now unlike genetic testing that is typically a predisposition for future probability.

Why Early Detection Matters

Colorectal cancer is the 3rd most common cancer in the united states and represents 8% of all new cases.

When caught in early stages (I & II), colorectal cancer is treatable in about 90% of patients.

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