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BeScreened-CRC is a simple blood test that screens for the likely presence or absence of colorectal cancer and is eligible to be shared 100% with your Solidarity HealthShare Membership.

A Common-Sense Screening Solution

BeScreened™–CRC by Beacon Biomedical is a simple, blood-based, CLIA laboratory developed test (LDT) for colorectal cancer screening. This simple solution has no fasting, preparation, or dietary restrictions and can be easily incorporated into a patient’s annual well check exam.

In its clinical case-control performance study, BeScreened-CRC demonstrated a 94% accuracy in determining the likely presence or absence of colorectal cancer.

BeScreened-CRC is specifically for anyone who is:

  • Men and Women 45 years or older
  • Considered to be at average risk for colorectal cancer
  • Has reservations about participating in a fecal-based test or undergoing invasive imaging procedures to screen for CRC
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  • 100% Shared with your Solidarity HealthShare Membership
  • Simple, Noninvasive Blood Test
  • 94% Accurate, Even In Early Stages

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